This Is Wreckage – I Don’t Live, I Exist

This Is Wreckage is a noise rock/punk/sludge-trio from Cardiff, Wales. These guys have released their second full-length I Don't Live, I Exist in March this year. On their Bandcamp there are praising quotes to be found from members of Therapy? and Manic Street Peachers. If you have listened to their new songs, you know this critical... Continue Reading →

Wild Tinderbox – Hardboiled Fire

And the award for the most fun hard rock album of 2020 so far goes to...Hardboiled Fire by Wild Tinderbox. This Austin, Texas based trio released their second full-length a few weeks ago. The album contains ten high energy hard rock songs. Some of them are quite straightforward rockers and some lean more to progressive... Continue Reading →

Phe – Glooming Dawn

Dutch heavy blues formation Phe released their first ep back in 2017. These five songs are quite good, but with Phe's first full-length, which was released last week, this power trio really show what they're capable of. In three years this band from Helmond has shown a lot of musical progression. Glooming Dawn is a... Continue Reading →

I Saw The Deep – Vimana

We're only in the first quarter of 2020 and we have already been spoiled with excellent releases. I'm always quite critical when it comes to music from my country, but so far the new albums from Desert Colossus and Baardvader are among my favorites. But lately there's another band from The Netherlands that caught my... Continue Reading →

Mindcrawler – Lost Orbiter

Mindcrawler is a four piece heavy rock band from Germany. The group was formed in 2016 and released their first full-length last month. Lost Orbiter is a pleasant introduction to this Munich based band. One of the charming aspects to their music is the varied song material. Their songs are all riff oriented, but next to... Continue Reading →

The Swell Fellas – The Big Grand Entrance

The Swell Fellas is a psychedelic/progressive rock trio from Ocean City, Maryland. The band consists of the brothers Conner Poole (guitar) & Chris Poole (drums) and Mark Rohrer (bass). Each member contributes when it comes to the vocals. The Big Grand Entrance is their first full-length album. An aptly album title, because this ten track-record... Continue Reading →

Stonus – Aphasia

Stonus is stoner/hard psych rock band from Nicosia, Cyprus that currently resides in London. This five-piece has released two ep's and a couple of loose tracks in the last few years. This year they will release their full-length, named Aphasia. On Aphasia, Stonus find themselves on stoner rock territory most of the time. Songs like... Continue Reading →

Baardvader – Baardvader

There nothing better then discovering awesome new bands. Especially bands that will probably be one of your favorites for the coming years. Dutch stonerdoom/grunge three-piece Baardvader have released their self-titled debut late January of this year. The group from The Hague consists of J. Aron (guitar/vocals), J.P. (bass) and Koen (drums). Baardvader features eight songs... Continue Reading →

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