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Holy Monitor – Southern Lights

Strangely the Athens based Holy Monitor hasn’t been on my radar so far. But their new album Southern Lights is yet already their third album after Holy Monitor (2017) and II (2018). Well, it seems it’s time to dig in these albums soon, because Southern Lights is pure psych-delight.

The album starts off incredibly strong with the first three songs. From the hypnotic ambiance in River to the excellent wah-wah driven grooves of Naked In The Rain to the irresistable catchy light-footed Blue Whale.

Even after this overwhelming start this record keeps on giving. On the title track and The Sky Is Falling Down the instrumentation gets a bit more challenging. Especially in the latter the interaction between the faster, heavy parts and the laidback passages works really well. The album hardly weakens after this and gets an strong ending with the beautiful, dreamy Under The Sea.

This is how you make a psychedelic rock album. These songs are well-written and varied. Sometimes catchy, sometimes dreamy and hypnotic and at times it rocks pretty hard too. The band doesn’t overdo things and sets a balanced but dynamic sound. If you’re into accessible psychedelic rock you’re going to have fun with this record. Check out Holy Monitor.

Holy Monitor is:

George Nikas (Vocals, guitars)
Stefanos Mitsis (Guitars)
Vangelis Mitsis (Keys)
Alex Bolpasis (Bass)
Dimitris Doumouliakas (Drums)




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