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Dustern – River Of Years

On their latest records stoner/doom groups like King Buffalo and Elephant Tree have been flirting around with elements from the shoegaze genre. Oakland, California based Dustern takes this 'doomgaze' a little further. On their second full-length River Of Years this quintet really embrace the dreamy vibe of the shoegaze genre and combines it with heavy... Continue Reading →

Curse The Son – Excruciation

Hamden (Connecticut) doom metal outfit Curse The Son have been around for twelve years. This year they released their fourth album named Excruciation. On these nine new tracks the growth of the band is evident. While their older songs aren't bad, you can tell that these guys have broadened their musical output. Black Sabbath is... Continue Reading →

Cosmic Club – Aurora

In midst of the pandemic Cosmic Club released their first ep Aurora. The band was founded in Saint Etienne, France. Cosmic Club plays alternative stoner rock. But besides being inluenced by the stoner scene the group was also inspired by seventies blues, psych and hard rock. They're defnitely not the only band that embraces those... Continue Reading →

The Naked High – Tap Into The Evil

The last few years Canada has brought us a lot new great rock bands and rock albums. The Vancouver scene is amazing for instance. But Montreal is also an awesome breeding ground for exciting stoner/doom related music it seems. Mountain Dust, The Hazytones, Dopethrone, UUBBUURRUU, Lochness and Mooch are great examples. But let's not forget... Continue Reading →

Foot – The Balance Of Nature Shifted

Melbourne based band Foot has been around for a few years. From the self-titled debut released back in 2016 to the promising Buffalo (2018) to this years new album The Balance Of Nature Shifted - the band has been fine-tuning and perfecting their sound. The driving force behind the band is Paul Holden who is... Continue Reading →

Familiars – All In Good Time

(heavy rock, psychedelic rock) The Ontario based Familiars has been teasing us with several great ep’s the last few years. The Migration-ep in particular was very promising. Now finally the group has released a full-length. It was worth the wait, because All In Good Time really meets the high expectations. The album contains eight tracks... Continue Reading →

Album reviews; Mooch, Gas Giant and Narcosis

Mooch - Hounds  (heavy blues, stoner rock, grunge) Mooch's first full-length Hounds is an exciting introduction to this Montreal based band. These ten songs are a great mix of heavy blues reminiscent of Goatsnake, sinister sounding stoner rock (in the vein of Duel) and grunge. With vocalist Ben Cornel the band has an big asset.... Continue Reading →

This Is Wreckage – I Don’t Live, I Exist

This Is Wreckage is a noise rock/punk/sludge-trio from Cardiff, Wales. These guys have released their second full-length I Don't Live, I Exist in March this year. On their Bandcamp there are praising quotes to be found from members of Therapy? and Manic Street Peachers. If you have listened to their new songs, you know this critical... Continue Reading →

Wild Tinderbox – Hardboiled Fire

And the award for the most fun hard rock album of 2020 so far goes to...Hardboiled Fire by Wild Tinderbox. This Austin, Texas based trio released their second full-length a few weeks ago. The album contains ten high energy hard rock songs. Some of them are quite straightforward rockers and some lean more to progressive... Continue Reading →

Phe – Glooming Dawn

Dutch heavy blues formation Phe released their first ep back in 2017. These five songs are quite good, but with Phe's first full-length, which was released last week, this power trio really show what they're capable of. In three years this band from Helmond has shown a lot of musical progression. Glooming Dawn is a... Continue Reading →

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