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About Orange Maze

Besides playing (a little) and listening to music, talking and writing about music is my favorite way of spending time. Since 1991, back when I was twelve years old, rock music has been an important part of my life. I’ve discovered a lot of great bands, old and new, from all sorts of genres. But metal or hardrock has always been the common thread.

The last few years I have listened to a lot of bands in the stoner, doom, heavy psych area. What I particularly like about this scene is the small, DIY-nature of it. Although discovering new music is easier than ever before, these genres are still very underground. There are a LOT of active bands in these genres, but you have to know where to look for the good ones. With Orange Maze I want to give smaller bands some more exposure.

I’ve have been writing for for five years now and I will proceed to write reviews for this great Dutch e-zine. Also I am contributor to the monthly Doom Charts. The reviews I want to write on here will be stylistically different from the Metalfan-ones and written in English instead of Dutch. You’ll have to forgive me for some grammar errors in my reviews. English isn’t my native language and I will be my own editor so mistakes will be made.

Cheers! Rock is dead. Long live rock!

(Koos) Hugo

Orange Maze-logo by Misha Scholten

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