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Gods Of Space – Against A Falling Sky

(Album cover artwork by Karl Poyzer (

Gods Of Space is a stoner rock trio from Pennsylvania. After a full length and an ep they released their second ep Against A Falling Sky. The five tracks are based around a sci-fi story. That sci-fi-vibe really comes forward well in the well-crafted music.

The first track Against All Odds starts off the ep really strong. The high-pitched vocals go along great with the heavy guitar riffs and rhythms and the song itself really sticks to the brain for days. The vocals of Jake Wax are a big asset to the band’s sound. He sometimes double-tracks his vocals which works out great, but you can also tell that there’s has been put some extra thought in the use (like tonation) of those vocals.

Gods Of Space

In songs like Sub-Orbital Hymn and the excellent Prisoner Transport Gods Of Space take time to explore more dreamy and melodic territory which sets a more mysterious atmosphere. Those tracks are great counterweights to the more straightforward Exit Point and Falling Sky.

The effort Gods Of Space put in Against A Falling Sky really comes forward. These are five captivating, well written tracks that breathe a sci-fi atmosphere. This is what you expect “sci-fi stoner” to sound like.

Gods of Space is:
Jake Wax (Guitars, vocals, keys)
TJ Lepkowski (Drums, percussion)
Matt Hannon (Bass, modular synth)




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