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Clouds Taste Satanic – Cloud Covered

Diving into a new Clouds Taste Satanic record is always a delight. Even in the case of an album full of covers. Cloud Covered is by no means a sign that the Brooklyn doomers are out of ideas. On the contrary, recording these songs that influenced the band seems to bring new creativity to the table, because honestly these cover versions are awesome.

Clouds Taste Satanic aren’t going for the obvious covers. Apart from Sabbath’s Behind The Wall Of Sleep there’s isn’t a orginally doom or even a metal song on Cloud Covered. But CTS manages to make Elton John and Chicago compositions sound fierce and doom as hell. John’s Funeral For A Friend gets a lovely doom treatment without losing the grandeur of the original. If You Leave Me Now is transformed into If You Doom Me Know and is as catchy as the original, but also gets an eerie twist. The added organ parts are a personal favorite on that track.

Clouds Taste Satanic doing a Flaming Lips song isn’t that shocking, because after all the band’s name seems to be derived from the Flaming Lips album of the same name. But they really positively surprised me with a jaw dropping, beautiful version of Sleeping On The Roof (also an instrumental song from Lips’ The Soft Bulletin-record). Alternative rock evidently have been a influence for the band members. Their take on the Pixies’ Bossanova opening duo Cecelia Ann/Rock Music and Nirvana’s Blew (and a taste of Smells Like Teen Spirit) are refreshing and satisfying.

Cover albums are kind of a hit or miss thing for bands. Clouds Taste Satanic know how it’s done. This record makes you want to listen to the originals again and look for the changes, similarities and different nuances between both versions. And to me that’s always a good sign. They make songs that aren’t their own sound like their own. And that’s basically how you do a cover album.




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