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Album reviews

Albatross Overdrive – Ascendant

Appalooza – The Holy Of Holies

Apollo80 – Lizard! Lizard! Lizard!

Around The Fire – Celestial Keepers

Aunt Cynthia’s Cabin – Misty Woman

Baardvader – Baardvader

Black Asteroids – III

Black Magic Tree – Of Animals And Men

The Black Wizards – Reflections

Buried Feather – Cloudberry Dreamshake

Butterfly – Doorways Of Time

Caustic Casanova – God How I Envy The Deaf

Circle Of Sighs – Salo

Clouds Taste Satanic – Cloud Covered

Clouds Taste Satanic – Evil Eye

Clouds Taste Satanic – Second Sight

Cosmic Club – Aurora

Curse The Son – Excruciation

Deepshade – Soul Divider

Demonauta – Part 2: Temaukel, The Spirit Of Time

Devil’s Witches – Suck My Hex

Duskwood – The Lost Tales

Dustern – River Of Years

Electric Jaguar Baby – Electric Jaguar Baby

Eternal Black – Slow Burn Suicide

Exidia – Exidia

Familiars – All In Good Time

Foot – The Balance Of Nature Shifted

Forrest – Final Frontier

Gas Giant – Earthward Ascend

Gods Of Space – Against A Falling Sky

Gypsybyrd – Eye Of The Sun

Hashshashin – Badakhshan

Heaven Man – To Yous

High Priest – Sanctum

Hippie Death Cult – 111

Holy Monitor – Southern Lights

Honeybadger – Pleasure Delayer

The Hypnagogics – Endless Nights

I Saw The Deep – Vimana

Isles Of Mars – Isles Of Mars

Khirki – Κτηνωδία

Kook – II

Lightning Born – Lightning Born

Lochness – Black Smokers

Melting Sun – Tape No. 1

Merlin – The Mortal

Mindcrawler – Lost Orbiter

Moab – Trough

Mooch – Hounds

Morass Of Molasses – The Ties That Bind

Mortales – Death Rattle Valley

Mote – Samalas

Mountain Of Smoke – Future Sins

Mount Hush – Mount Hush

Mountain Tamer – Godfortune/Dark Matters

The Naked High – Tap Into The Evil

Narcosis – Leap Of Faith

Oak – Oak III

Phe – Glooming Dawn

Redscale – Feed Them To The Lions

Second-Hand Apes – Second-Hand Apes

Shadow Weaver – Shadow Weaver EP

Snake Mountain Revival – The Valley Of Madness

Spiral Guru – Void

Stonekind – Stonekind

Stonus – Aphasia

Superseed – Superseed

The Swell Fellas – The Big Grand Entrance

Tempelheks – Midnight Mirror

This Is Wreckage – I Don’t Live, I Exist

Tidal Wave – Blueberry Muffin

Tombstone Eyes – Land In The Sky

Trevor’s Head – Soma Holiday


Vessel – Vagabond Blues

Wheel Of Smoke – Sonic Cure

Wild Tinderbox – Hardboiled Fire

Woodhawk – Violent Nature

Zoahr – Off Axis

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