Tidal Wave – Blueberry Muffin

Tidal Wave is a Swedish heavy rock group from Sundsvall. The band is formed by Alexander Sundqvist (vocals), Jesper Sjödin (guitars), Adam Nordin (bass) and Rasmus Sundberg (drums). They released their debut album Blueberry Muffin a month ago. Genre wise Tidal Wave plays a mix of heavy rock, stoner and grunge. The album is short... Continue Reading →

Tombstone Eyes – Land In The Sky

Chicago-based band Tombstone Eyes gave 2020 a great start by releasing their debut full length Land In The Sky on the first day of the year. Their album features nine compositions, three of them being instrumental. Tombstone Eyes' sound can be described as organ driven dark heavy psych with spacey and experimental elements emerging into... Continue Reading →

Zoahr – Off Axis

Zoahr is a three piece rock band from Pirmasens, a town in the southwest of Germany near the border of France. The group features Thorsten Winkler on bass, Philipp Dahler on drums and Jessie Schmidt on vocals and guitars. They self released their impressive debut album Off Axis on October the 18th. Off Axis is... Continue Reading →

Wheel Of Smoke – Sonic Cure

After the last review - Mountain Of Smoke's ep Future Sins - we're gonna stay smoky at Orange Maze because Wheel Of Smoke is the next band we'll be talking about. The band is from Leuven, Belgium and has been around for quite a time. The band members are Eric Heyns (vocals/guitar), Tristan Michiels (vocals/bass),... Continue Reading →

Mountain Of Smoke – Future Sins

Mountain Of Smoke surprised us with their new ep Future Sins earlier this month. The six songs on this ep were recorded only a month ago. The band released their first full length Gods Of Biomechanics last year. The group features PJ Costigan on drums, Alex Johnson on pedal steel/synths/vocals, Brooks Martin on bass/vocals and... Continue Reading →

Redscale – Feed Them To The Lions

2019 is almost at an end. It's been a great year for rock music. One band that deserves to be talked about just before wrapping this year up is Berlin based group Redscale. The group consists of guitarists Henning Claussen (also the vocalist) and Christian Reuter, rhythm sectionists Dennis Hörsch (bass) and Martin Stabler (drums).... Continue Reading →

Woodhawk – Violent Nature

It’s always the same at the end of the year as a reviewer. After you finally made an end of the year list you stumble upon a record that should have been high on your list. This year for me it’s Woodhawk’s second album Violent Nature. I should have known, because I really love the... Continue Reading →

Hashshashin – Badakhshan

As a huge Secret Chiefs 3 fan I was very interested in Hashshashin’s second album Badakhshan. After all the Sydney based trio cited Secret Chiefs 3 as an influence along with Om, another personal favorite of mine. Although the musical approach of these Australians is rather similar to that of Ishraqiyun, one of many Secret... Continue Reading →

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