Hashshashin – Badakhshan

As a huge Secret Chiefs 3 fan I was very interested in Hashshashin’s second album Badakhshan. After all the Sydney based trio cited Secret Chiefs 3 as an influence along with Om, another personal favorite of mine. Although the musical approach of these Australians is rather similar to that of Ishraqiyun, one of many Secret... Continue Reading →

Caustic Casanova – God How I Envy The Deaf

Usually when I have to review an album I make sure I delve into the band’s lineup and history quite soon. But in the case of Caustic Casanova's new album God How I Envy The Deaf the music has been so addictive that I hardly knew anything about this group just before writing this. What... Continue Reading →

Clouds Taste Satanic – Second Sight

What a great year it is for Clouds Taste Satanic fans. This Brooklyn quartet already released an ep last spring. Well ep might not be the right word in this case, because Evil Eye (review here) contains fourty minutes of basass industrial doom. If that wasn't enough they announced there would be another ep released... Continue Reading →

Devil’s Witches – Suck My Hex

Devil's Witches' made quite an impression in 2017. 'Psych. Fuzz. Doom. 1960s worship' was an aptly description for the full length Velvet Magic. The acoustic ep Cherry Napalm was different, but also really enjoyable. In fact, the addictive chorus of the title track still buzzes around in my head every now and then. After reviewing... Continue Reading →

Mortales – Death Rattle Valley

Mortales is a band that resides in Austin, Texas. They have released a few ep’s and two full lengths, Death Rattle Valley being their latest. Mortales have baptized their sound as gnar, which seems to refer to gnarly. This name is probably kind sort of a joke. But it seems like a fitting name. Because... Continue Reading →

The Black Wizards – Reflections

Portuguese group The Black Wizards have spoiled us with full-length releases Lake Of Fire (2015), What The Fuzz! (2017) in the past. This year their third album was released. On Reflections the band sounds more mature and experienced. I wouldn’t consider The Black Wizards as a retro rock group, because there is are also some... Continue Reading →

Buried Feather – Cloudberry Dreamshake

The list of great 2019 Australian albums is getting bigger and bigger. Especially in the psychedelic rock niche. Melbourne based Buried Feather isn’t a new band for me. I reviewed their second album Mind Of The Swarm back in 2017 for Metalfan.nl. It’s still an album I regularly listen to. Last week Buried Feather released... Continue Reading →

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