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Circle Of Sighs – Salo

Circle Of Sighs’ Salo is another album that has been haunting Orange Maze’s playlist for the last months. Haunting is a suitable word here, because this Los Angeles based band made a record that sounds quite eerie and ominious at times. The fact that the band members aren’t mentioned anywhere creates mystique, but to be frank, the music alone is mysterious and fascinating enough.

The album opens with tracks like Burden Of The Flesh and Hold Me Lucifer, which are very psych doom oriented. The band’s love for the occult gives the songs an unsettling, but enthralling vibe. The lyrics and menacing instrumentation (the synths in particular) really attribute to that mood.

After this the tracks get more and more versatile without compromising in quality. Kukeri is a great prog rock meets folk composition with clean and harsh, male and female vocals. On the beautiful Desolate Circle Of Sighs takes another side road. The melodic female vocals are really strong and the use of varied instruments like cello, acoustic guitars and electronics makes this is fascinating listen from start to finish.

The album contains three Seque-tracks. These short kind of interludes are quite dark and experimental. Maybe it’s because of the seque designation, but the combination of the album’s dark atmosphere and inclusion of these seques really reminds of David Bowie’s Outside-album.

The Kraftwerk-cover of The Man Machine is impressing. Really, this is how you do a cover. Circle Of Sighs really does their own thing with it. Their love for dark synthwave and doom makes this is a brilliant choice for a cover. The title track is also worth mentioning. Circle Of Sighs pulls off a beautiful synthwave, ambient-like composition here.

The album might not be for everyone. This is an album that you need to experience, it needs time to sink it all in. This is without a doubt a very strong and impressing debut album. The songs are cleverly crafted, versatile, but the whole atmosphere really makes this album even better.




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