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Khirki – Κτηνωδία

The last two months have been great for heavy rock music. One album that you shouldn't miss out on is Khirki's debut release Κτηνωδία. Khirki is a band from Athens, Greece that combines heavy, high energy rock with traditional musical elements from their area. Κτηνωδία kicks off with three high-paced, energetic heavy rock songs. Deadpan,... Continue Reading →

Holy Monitor – Southern Lights

Strangely the Athens based Holy Monitor hasn't been on my radar so far. But their new album Southern Lights is yet already their third album after Holy Monitor (2017) and II (2018). Well, it seems it's time to dig in these albums soon, because Southern Lights is pure psych-delight. The album starts off incredibly strong... Continue Reading →

Honeybadger – Pleasure Delayer

Honeybadger is a four piece from Athens, Greece. They debuted with their 2017-ep The Rain. They took some time before releasing their first full-length. Pleasure Delayer is out today, but has been on heavy rotation on Orange Maze-headquarters for the last few weeks. This album contains eight track that are really fun and addictive. The... Continue Reading →

Album reviews; Mooch, Gas Giant and Narcosis

Mooch - Hounds  (heavy blues, stoner rock, grunge) Mooch's first full-length Hounds is an exciting introduction to this Montreal based band. These ten songs are a great mix of heavy blues reminiscent of Goatsnake, sinister sounding stoner rock (in the vein of Duel) and grunge. With vocalist Ben Cornel the band has an big asset.... Continue Reading →

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