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Khirki – Κτηνωδία

The last two months have been great for heavy rock music. One album that you shouldn't miss out on is Khirki's debut release Κτηνωδία. Khirki is a band from Athens, Greece that combines heavy, high energy rock with traditional musical elements from their area. Κτηνωδία kicks off with three high-paced, energetic heavy rock songs. Deadpan,... Continue Reading →

Clouds Taste Satanic – Cloud Covered

Diving into a new Clouds Taste Satanic record is always a delight. Even in the case of an album full of covers. Cloud Covered is by no means a sign that the Brooklyn doomers are out of ideas. On the contrary, recording these songs that influenced the band seems to bring new creativity to the... Continue Reading →

Gods Of Space – Against A Falling Sky

(Album cover artwork by Karl Poyzer ( Gods Of Space is a stoner rock trio from Pennsylvania. After a full length and an ep they released their second ep Against A Falling Sky. The five tracks are based around a sci-fi story. That sci-fi-vibe really comes forward well in the well-crafted music. The first track... Continue Reading →

Holy Monitor – Southern Lights

Strangely the Athens based Holy Monitor hasn't been on my radar so far. But their new album Southern Lights is yet already their third album after Holy Monitor (2017) and II (2018). Well, it seems it's time to dig in these albums soon, because Southern Lights is pure psych-delight. The album starts off incredibly strong... Continue Reading →

Appalooza – The Holy Of Holies

Releases come and go throughout the year. Keeping up with it all is an almost impossible task. But there are albums that need to be heard and talked about. In the case of Appalooza's new release The Holy Of Holies I'm hopelessly behind. It was released in the beginning of February this year. And after... Continue Reading →

Around The Fire – Celestial Keepers

In January the Thessaloniki based doom band Around The Fire released their second album Celestial Keepers. This six track release is the follow-up to the ep Advent Of The Firewalkers (2019). Labelling Around The |Fire as a doom band really sells them short. Although most of the songs on Celestial Keepers are based around doomy,... Continue Reading →

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