Khirki – Κτηνωδία

The last two months have been great for heavy rock music. One album that you shouldn’t miss out on is Khirki’s debut release Κτηνωδία. Khirki is a band from Athens, Greece that combines heavy, high energy rock with traditional musical elements from their area.

Κτηνωδία kicks off with three high-paced, energetic heavy rock songs. Deadpan, Black And Chrome and Raging Bull seem to outdo each other when it comes to awesome fast riffs, irresistible grooves & rhythms and clean, but very powerful vocals that you just need to sing along to. It sort of sounds like Foo Fighters at times, but we’re dealing with a much more interesting and fierce version of Foo Fighters in these moments.

On Medea the band integrates musical elements from their local area. You can hear it in the vocal melodies and the use of percussion and violin. Especially the violin takes on an important role in this track. Khirki’s approach to combine these styles works really well in this track, but also in Wolf’s Lament it sounds really natural and dynamic. Κτηνωδία hardly weakens after this. The Barkhan Dunes is an awesome, well written composition and with the album closer Stara Planina Khirki deliveres their best song on the album.

Κτηνωδία is an impressive debut album. The band doesn’t try to reinvent the wheel, but the energy and natural flow of the songs really grab you and makes you want to listen to it again and again. This is so much fun and highly-addictive stuff. Check it out!

Khirki is:

Dimos Ioannou (Guitars, vocals)
Orestes Katsaros (Bass guitar)
Spiros Stefanis (Drums, percussion, backing vocals

Christos Konstantinidis (violin on the tracks Medea & Wolf’s Lament)




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