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Honeybadger – Pleasure Delayer

Honeybadger is a four piece from Athens, Greece. They debuted with their 2017-ep The Rain. They took some time before releasing their first full-length. Pleasure Delayer is out today, but has been on heavy rotation on Orange Maze-headquarters for the last few weeks.

This album contains eight track that are really fun and addictive. The musical direction isn’t revolutionary new. This is straight up stoner rock with elements of classic rock. But the songs are so well executed and catchy which makes it hard not to listen to it again and again.

Photo by C. Alossi Photography

The vocals of Dimitris Vardoulakis are one of the many highlights here. His charismatic clean vocals are easy to love and sing along to. But it’s not just the vocals, the melody lines in general, the guitar riffs, bass and drum rhythms and transitions are really likeable.

There are a lot of tracks worth while checking out here, but the well written The Wolf, slower paced and groovy Crazy Ride and Twin Peaks-inspired Laura Palmer are definitely highlights on this very balanced and focused record. If you’re searching for a fun stoner rock album that also features good songwriting Pleasure Delayer is an album to check out for sure.

Honeybadger is:

Dimitris Vardoulakis (Vocals, guitars)

Dimitris Giannakopolous (Guitars)

Dimitris Yannopoulos (Bass)

Vaggelis Oikonomou (Drums)


Bandcamp Honeybadger

Bandcamp Made Of Stone Recordings


Website Honeybadger

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