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Butterfly – Doorways Of Time

Melbourne based hard rock band Butterfly couldn’t have picked a better title for their self released debut album. Doorways Of Time contains nine tracks that are like a portal to the past, the seventies and sixties to be more specific, a time when hard rock music ruled the earth.

There are a lot of new bands that try to capture the musical feel of the seventies and eighties, but it doesn’t always turn out great. Although the heart for the music is in the right place, it usually sounds too forced and fragmented. Butterfly’s love for (proto) metal, seventies hard rock is undeniable and sincere. You never get the feeling that these guys are trying too hard. In fact, these songs are so good that you feel that you have just secretly stumbled upon a lost classic rock album from the seventies/eighties.

The reason that this album turns out great is simply because the songs are just damn great. Songs like Desert Chase, Climbing A Mountain and the title track aren’t that complicated or revolutionary, but they’re well written. You can hear influences from Judas Priest, Budgie, Uriah Heep and Kiss, but it never is too obvious. The fact that all the band members contribute to the vocals really helps and makes the songs dynamic. It creates different vibes, but it’s never like “Ah yes, they’re trying to sound like Uriah Heep on this one”. The influences are there, but the songs come first.

As a band it’s hard to process these musical influences in your songs without sounding like well-meant tribute band, but Butterfly does a damn good job. These songs are strong and inviting to listen to again and again. Doorways Of Time will be available on vinyl in the future. Which is great news, because the album artwork by Rodney Matthews is just stunningly beautiful and also matches the music. Check out Butterfly’s music via the links below.

Butterfly is:

Phil Gresik (bass ,vocals)
Rob Wog (drums, vocals)
Luke Robertson (guitars, vocals)
Phillip T. King (guitars, vocals)




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