The Naked High – Tap Into The Evil

The last few years Canada has brought us a lot new great rock bands and rock albums. The Vancouver scene is amazing for instance. But Montreal is also an awesome breeding ground for exciting stoner/doom related music it seems. Mountain Dust, The Hazytones, Dopethrone, UUBBUURRUU, Lochness and Mooch are great examples. But let’s not forget The Naked High. This four-piece has released their second ep Tap Into The Evil last month.

Tap Into The Evil contains six tracks of high energy stoner/hard rock. The band mixes up their bad ass riffs and punching rhythms with sleazy hard rock elements which work out really well. Simon Ouellet’s vocals contribute a lot to the greatness of The Naked High’s sound. He sings in a stoner rock fashion with lots of power in his voice and also uses screeching screams from time to time. But the vocals also have a sleazy hard rock vibe and in the amazing She’s So Marie, he adds a little funky twist to the vocal lines.

The Naked High (photo by Dani Rod Photography)

It’s easy giving compliments to the band members, because the muscianship is great on Tap Into The Evil. There are excellent guitar riffs and solo’s to be found. And the rhythm section really gives an extra punch to the already heavy tracks. When you listen to song like Sleep Paralysis you can tell that the strength of The Naked High is the collective. This is such an amazing, jaw dropping song. It kind of reminded me of the band Last Crack. The ultra heavy and weird second half of the songs blew me away the first time I heard it.

The rest of the ep is equally impressive. These six track are really promising. The band plays really tight and it seems that The Naked High have nailed their sound already. Signs of more good things to come from Montreal for sure. Go check out The Naked High’s music on Bandcamp via the links below.

The Naked High is:

Simon Ouellet (Vocals)

Hugo L-C (Guitars)

Phil Rod (Bass)

Charlie Cayouette (Drums)




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