Mount Hush – Mount Hush

Mount Hush is a five piece psychedelic blues rock band from Germany that has been around for a while. After a few ep’s, individual tracks and a split this year they will release their first full-length. This self-titled album sounds very balanced, a result after years of crafting and perfecting their sound. A track by track review can be read below.

The album contains seven tracks, some of them are straightforward and some are more jam-based. The Ascent opens the album in a laidback manner. The song is slow paced with whispering, low key vocals, nice organ parts and bluesy guitar soloing. Black Moon is based on a bombastic guitar riff backed up by an organ part that follows the guitar melody. The song reminds me a bit of The Screaming Trees, mostly because of the guitar sound and the low, hazy and charismatic vocals, which sounds a bit like Mark Lanegan.

After the patiently built up psychedelic track Shinewater the laidback atmosphere is changed by the straightforward Young Blood, Old Mountain. The song has a powerful riff with the organ backing up the guitar parts. The vocals are also more powerful in this psych-stoner track. The second half of the album has a more jam-feel to it. Summer Song starts with an airy vibe with calm vocals and samples of birds singing. Halfway the pace gets higher and a heavy riff takes over. The song continues to change pace and the band switches between groovy and jammy passages with two great guitar solos and vocal melodies in the last part.

Fuenf opens with a playful riff and also sets a laidback atmosphere with mellow vocals. The guitar and organ parts meander throughout the song with a saxophone completing the dreamy vibe. The album ends with Winter Song, the only instrumental song. This is where Mountain Hush goes into jam modus. The track is catchy and groovy. The guitar solos, heavy riffs and a fuzzy bass are a great counterweight to the dreamy nature of the composition.

There’s a lot to discover on this album. Mount Hush really know how to intermingle their varied instrumentation in a playful manner. Each instrument takes it’s turn to take the spotlight without dominating the composition. Mount Hush put the song first and deliver an album that’s very balanced and strong from start to finish. Check this out.




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