Tidal Wave – Blueberry Muffin

Tidal Wave is a Swedish heavy rock group from Sundsvall. The band is formed by Alexander Sundqvist (vocals), Jesper Sjödin (guitars), Adam Nordin (bass) and Rasmus Sundberg (drums). They released their debut album Blueberry Muffin a month ago. Genre wise Tidal Wave plays a mix of heavy rock, stoner and grunge.

The album is short with a running time just under thirty minutes. But Tidal Wave makes their intentions very clear in that short period. The songs are all about playing high energy, powerful and groovy heavy rock. Alexander Sundqvist has an important share in the greatness of this release. He is an amazing singer whose powerful and raw vocals remind me of Chris Cornell and Joakim Nilsson.

Tidal Wave

Their songs really capture that recognizable sound of the nineties, with a modern twist to it. The production is compact and remarkably clean. There’s some room for improving their songwriting, but album highlights like Other Side and Dalton’s Saloon show that these guys can write good songs. This is a promising release by a band that could be able to do great things in the future. Go check these guys out if you can!






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