Caustic Casanova – God How I Envy The Deaf

Usually when I have to review an album I make sure I delve into the band’s lineup and history quite soon. But in the case of Caustic Casanova’s new album God How I Envy The Deaf the music has been so addictive that I hardly knew anything about this group just before writing this. What I do know that this is an awesome record that’s hard to put away. One of the things that you can tell right away that these musicians have been playing together for quite a while, because the musicianship is really tight on here.

Lately I have been ranting enthusiastically about this band to just about everyone I thought that might be interested. In my Caustic Casanova propaganda I described their music as a mix of The Pixies, Helmet and Kylesa. Although I still think that’s a fitting summary of their sound I also realize that Caustic Casanova might be too riff oriented for fans of alternative/noise rock. But the mix of sludge, post hardcore and alternative rock in Caustic Casanova’s music is really irresistible if you like those genres.

Caustic Casanova

It seems a bit unnecessary to give credits to specific band members, because each instrument is played very well and with persuasion. But I can’t help mentioning Stefanie Zaenker’s awesome drumming and likewise vocal deliveries. Her voice works really well along with Francis Beringer’s vocals. The Zaenker/Beringer rhythm section is also very impressive. It seems like that duo emphasizes the energetic, noisy and beautiful chaotic side of the band. While guitarists Andrew Yonki and Jake Kimberley bring the powerful, melodic and virtuosic side. The whole band sounds really tight, but doesn’t hesitate to dive into unconventional passages too.

Citing specific songs isn’t really necessary, but Fancy English, Filth Castle, Taos Lightning and the Boxed And Crated are favorites at Orange Maze HQ. This is Top 10 material for 2019 for sure. Check out their music on Bandcamp. If you like it, be sure to buy, so they can box the record up and maybe crate it and ship it to you.




Official website Caustic Casanova


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