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Lightning Born – Lightning Born

It’s not strange that there’s a lot of bands around that are inspired by seventies (hard)rock. Because there’s really a lot to love about this era. Lightning Born is a group from Raleigh (North Carolina) that go for that vintage groovy sound. The group consists of four musicians that have played in varied bands. Longtime Corrosion Of Conformity-bassist Mike Dean is probably the most well-known. You might know guitarist Erik Sugg from Demon Eye and Doza Hawes from Mega Colossus. Lightning Born is fronted by Brenna Leath who also plays in The Hell No.

On their first self titled release Lighting Born stay clear of synths and organs and focus on the riff oriented groups of the seventies. That means Black Sabbath is never far away from their sound. Opener Shifting Winds for example is pure Sabbath worship. On the rest of the tracks you can hear that Sabbath is in the veins of the compositions, but it’s more subtle and less obvious. The songs are all about groove, powerful vocals and catchy rhythms. Brenna Leath does a good job giving these songs extra power and catchiness. Energetic songs like Renegade, Salvation and Power Struggle really benefit from her infectious and powerful vocals. And her voice works great on the bluesier tracks too.

Lightning Born is groovy, bluesy and quite catchy. The songs aren’t that complicated, but they stick to your brain in no time. It’s a fun record. And fun is probably the primary goal of Lightning Born at the moment. I don’t know if Lightning Born is considered as a full band or more like a project. I do know that this first release asks for more.




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