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Spiral Guru – Void

Spiral Guru is heavy, space rock band from Piracicaba, Brasil. The band features Andrea Ruocco (vocals), Samuel Pedrosa (guitar), José Ribeiro (bass) and Alexandre H.G. Garia. After two ep’s the quartet released their first full length in July this year.

Void contains nine tracks. The album opens with the highly addictive Signs, a very powerful and groovy song. It has a great flow and strong vocal melody lines. The Curfew At Dusk has the same qualities, but emphasizes more on the mood and is a bit more dynamic. Oracle has an irresistible vocal melody and a nice groove to it, but also some great rhythmic work.

Spiral Guru

Mindfullness is the longest track of the album. The song has a long instrumental intro and changes pace quite often during the song. Spiral Guru give everything they got in this composition and it shows that the band can write longer, divers songs too. Virtual Horizon is another tasteful, catchy song. The track really isn’t that complicated, but it’s very well-crafted and performed.

The rest of the album show the same qualities of Spiral Guru. These are all well written songs. Not too complicated, but very addictive and catchy. The vocals of Andrea Ruocco are very strong on this. There’s some playfulness to her voice and it seems she has good control over her voice. This makes Void a really fun listen. Especially recommended if you like Ruby The Hatchet and Purson.




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